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Alpha Male Strippers& Buff Butler ServicesABERDEEN

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Alpha Male Strippers & Kissagram Services Aberdeen

Our motto is "Friendly, Reliable, Professional" - if you ever talk to us, we're sure you'll agree. The company is run by a dedicated team of hard-working entertainment experts based in Aberdeen - this includes our administrators, the artists and our support staff.

We've done birthday parties, hen nights, leaving parties, Ann Summers parties, girly nights-in and even retirement parties!

Alpha Male covers strippers, stripagrams, kissagrams, streakagrams, promotional work, buff butlers, hunky handymen, kinky cleaners, models and male dancers.

To aid in understanding these less correct alternative spellings mean the same as the spellings we use: stripogram, strip-o-gram, strip-a-gram, strippergram, kissogram, streakogram and promo work.

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Friendly, Reliable, Professional

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The only strip or butler company actually in Aberdeen


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Friendly, Reliable and Professional Male Stripper and Buff Butler Service in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. The ONLY company actually in Aberdeen.