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We're a national company based in Aberdeen who can provide performers nationwide that specializes in males.  We're the ONLY male stripper company actually in Aberdeen.  On this website we're showcasing our very popular Aberdeen male stripper Eros.  Of course all of our other strippers are still available for booking too.  For information or booking, please get in touch by phone or e-mail.  We always provide photographs of our strippers.


Alpha Male Strippers presents Eros

Aberdeen, UK


At 32, Eros has been doing stripagrams for over 7 years and dancing onstage since he was a child, starting work as a ‘specialist’ male dancer in the South of England.  In 2007 he moved back home to Aberdeen where he proudly represents Alpha Male and is available for you!  Eros covers Aberdeen and surrounding areas but may have to charge travel expenses to go further.


Eros is available for stripagrams (stripograms), stripper shows, kissagrams (kissograms), buff butler, hunky handyman and even streakagrams!  Please ask for more info.  Most people order a stripagram which is an appearance normally lasting around fifty minutes in total which will definitely give a boost to any event!  Eros can come to anything – a night-on-the-town or night-in.  Prices for a stripagram are usually somewhere between £120-£145 for a standard appearance which was valued at £182 in 2008.  We will always be cheaper than any 'competitors' for the same service (that's in the very unlikely event anyone could match our services).  The events we cover are normally once-in-a-lifetime celebrations,  so please don't ruin the night by choosing to save a few pounds and hire an unreliable, low quality amatuer act from outwith the area.  Sadly, there are many part-time acts out there who do short and not very entertaining shows which are terrible value for money and of course are cheaper.  To make sure it goes to plan, book a professional act with a lifetime of stage and screen experience!  We even do student discount!  We are flexible in our pricing so do ask if you think you should qualify for a discount.  We accept cash, cheques, bank transfers and all major credit and debit cards.


Alpha Males can take off a range of realistic costumes.  For example, our Police kits are official issue uniform and equipment.  When you book an Alpha Male you won't get a fake joke shop costume (unless you want that!)  Most acts have access to all the classics like the Soldier and Doctor and a wide range of costumes from James Bond in his black tuxedo to the Naval Officer in is whites.  We can customise any part of our performances and can even dance to music which has been asked for in advance.  We have photographs of our acts readily available on the internet (most are hidden currently, but we can provide links) so that you can see them before booking.  We take a deposit and after booking, we plan and organise the performance together.  We'll take information about the focus of the show and this is written into the script.

A standard appearance consists of: a 5-10 minute comedy acted routine based on information about the focus - in the character of your choice, a 20-30 minute fully choreographed comedy stripagram (including £15 worth of souvenirs given away during the show [4 gifts]), time for posed photographs after the show.  All shows are covered by our £10 million public liability insurance and all acts are registered entertainers.  We've only ever let anyone down on one night - and that was due to a vehicle accident.

All Alpha Males operate within strict professional, ethical, fun and value for money standards.  All staff are full-time professional entertainers - we do not use amatuers in our shows.  We also do not charge our acts a commission so the price you pay will go directly to them.


Alpha Males pride themselves on their friendly, reliable, professional and tasteful service and once you’ve seen his ‘skills’ we’re sure you’ll recommend Eros to your friends  ; )


Our acts don't deal with bookings themselves but we're pretty sure he would like to get friendly e-mails and fan mail.  In giving him the account we got him to promise to respond to everyone!  He can be contacted directly on





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